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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year!

Well, here it is - a brand new year. A new start, a "Do-Over". Don't you love starting a new year? I do. It's always full of excitement and grand intentions. It provides hope that the new year will be filled with great results from exercise programs to new jobs. The only problem is those great ideas and grand intentions fizzle out about 2 - 4 weeks into the new year. Sad, isn't it. I wish I could provide a "guarantee" that all those New Year's Resolutions that we go to so much trouble to put together would actually come true and make it to the end of the year. But that is all up to us, individually.

I'll tell you one thing that I'm trying this year. I didn't put together a so-called "list" this year of 1/2 a dozen resolutions I wanted to torture myself with. I know what I have to do. I heard someone make this statement on the news the other night and it made so much sense. She said that setting a goal to start something at a certain point (like New Year's Resolutions) is somewhat of a way to just postpone it or procrastinate. Because, you're saying that I'll do it then, meaning "next week", "next month", or starting "the first of the year". Why not just start "NOW"! There's no better timing than the present, right?!

I decided that I wanted to make just one resolution this year. And that was to "Smile & Be Happy!" So, I made up about 7 little smiley faces of different styles and smiles, typed "Smile BE Happy!" down below, cut them out and put them in various locations; places where I frequented throughout the day; at my computer, my mirror in the bathroom, the refrigerator. I figured if I keep that resolution, then everything else will start falling into place and I'll actually keep those other resolutions that are in the back of my head that I've made for the past three or four years and never kept past the first month.

So, change your mindset; if you need to. Just Smile and BE Happy! Don't decide to start that novel next month; start it right now. Don't start that exercise program at the first of every year and then fizzle out on your workouts 2 weeks into the program. Start now and if you fizzle out, just start back up again. That's OK. It's ok to fizzle out every once in a while. Just start the fire back up again and SMILE and BE HAPPY!

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