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Friday, August 15, 2014

Debut Book

Well, I finally did it!! My debut book is out. For those of you who are already published, you know the feeling. I was both excited and scared to death to make that final decision and actually press the "Save and Publish" button. I am scared that people won't like the book or not even purchase it. And I realize these are all normal feelings for authors. We are a different breed; willing to put all our inter most thoughts on paper (even the dark and scary ones) and then sit back and worry about what people will think. I know, it sounds ridiculous but that's the way we are.

So, it's out. This is a young readers book. It was actually born through my husband. He started telling a 3-day bedtime story to my two boys about 3-4 years ago. I got in on the last half of it one night and thought it would make a good story. I had written little snippets until then but hadn't actually put together a real live story that I could eventually think of as my own. When I had finished, I had put my own little spin and twist on it and my husband and boys were very excited, already thinking in the future of how to write 2 or 3 more books and build on the continuation of "Rasafrats".

I will be writing a continuation to this first book. Not sure how many will be in the series but I know there will be at least two. So, be on the look out for No. 2. Hopefully, it will be ready after the first of the year. Please check out the book and leave a review. As I am a new author and I can use the encouragement AND the criticism. Even though I may have thin skin now, I'm working on thickening it up; definitely a needed characteristic for an author ('smile'). Hope you enjoy it and be sure and leave a review on Amazon!