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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good words DO motivate

I was reading a new book this week. It's by M.E. Lorde.
Within the first page of the book, I noticed such a difference compared to the last couple of books I had TRIED to read. Of course, these are all ebooks (self-published) so, like Forrest's mom would say, "You never know what you're gonna get". There are, indeed, a lot of good and GREAT self-published authors out there now (like M.E. Lorde). But I have to be honest, I've started reading some books lately that I thought I would enjoy. And believe me, I TRIED to finish them. I really did. My parents always taught me, finish what you start. And, you never know. Maybe some books are just slow moving and don't really "grab" you until later in the book, after you've already giving up on it. Which is sad. But there have been a couple lately that I just couldn't finish. I mean, come on, my time is precious, too, right?! I'm a writer. And I probably should be sitting down writing instead of reading, but one still needs to read. AND, the really good benefit about reading is that it can motivate you to get started on your own writing.

Reading a poorly written book can drain you. Or, at least, it can me. But if I can get into a great book, it motivates me to keep reading it, as well, as doing some writing myself. A good writer learns from other writers, as well as from the actually writing, itself.

So, I know that not all books are going to be good and rarely will they be one of the Great Ones. I need to work past my OCD and realize that I CAN put down a "not so good" book and start another one. I CAN learn from the good writing AND the bad. The more you read, the more you learn. And the more you write, the more you learn what is great and what is not. Hopefully, I'll always...or, at least, most of the time...write the "great" stuff. Happy writing and happy reading!

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