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Friday, March 7, 2014

Something's in the Woods

     It’s quite; deathly quiet. I’ve heard this sound before; this “nothing” sound. It’s so cold and damp. I shiver. I’ve been here before but where am I? I look at the trees around me and watch my breath curl up in front of my eyes. What is this place? I turn my eyes up to the sky but can only see the tops of trees. There are so many trees I can’t see the sky. I’m all alone but I can feel somebody or something here with me. I’m afraid to look around but before I can move my head I hear a crackle from several feet away; the sound of a twig breaking. I slowly turn my head to face whatever is behind me and suddenly feel an evil presence.
     I waste no time. I run. The wind beats hard against my face, like little knives shooting into my skin. My legs feel like spaghetti hardly able to keep me at the pace I'm aiming for. There is no light ahead, just trees and darkness. All I can see is dim, grayish openings through the thick forest. It's like there is no destination ahead. Where is the end? When will I get to the end? Or, will I? It's muggy outside and cold. I can feel sweat beading down the side of my face. I'm shivering. Maybe it's just because I'm scared for my life.

    I look back behind me, straining my neck trying not to break my pace. There's nothing there. But I can feel it. It's there. Hovering, running, watching, not letting me out of it's sight. All I hear now is the crunching of leaves beneath my feet. It's a steady beat; Crunch, Crunch, Crunch! I see what looks like an opening up ahead of me. My pace quickens. Maybe there is help out there. Has someone come to help me? I need help! Please! I say a silent prayer to myself, "Lord, if you're up there, please help me!"

I feel myself quicken my steps. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Faster, faster, faster! I feel like the thing behind me has quickened it's steps, too. I can almost hear an echo after my steps, like it's right on my heals. I've got to run faster. Where is the light? I should have reached it by now. But it's still out there. I'm not getting any closer. I look back behind me again. Ooommfff!

I open my eyes and peel the damp, cold leaves off my cheek. I shake my head and realize I've fallen. I glance back quickly and see a large rock in my path. Crunch! Crunch! It's coming! Scrambling to find my footing, I lunge forward and move as fast as I can. Hunching over, I try to quicken my steps to keep ahead of it. But I can feel it getting closer. I can feel it's breath on my neck. I can't look back now. It's right there! I know it! There's the light. It's getting brighter. I know I can make it. I know I can. If I just run a little faster. . .just a little faster . . .Before it grabs me  . . .

    A bright light shines in my eyes. I reach for something, anything. I try to open my eyes feeling around for anything familiar, a helping hand; something. The light is so bright I can hardly open my eyes. I squint at the pain and slowly blink as light comes rushing at me, like a freight train. Slowly it fades, I blink some more and look around. I’m in my room, in my bed. I look down at the covers; strewn all over the bed with half of them draping onto the floor.  My clothes are soaked with sweat. It was a dream; the same dream.

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